— Music Bio —

Spry, energetic and coming to you from the Albertan Prairies of Canada, Nico Humby is a bass player and singer who’s dipped his fingers in a multitude of genres ranging from R&B, Funk, and Swing to Folk, Bluegrass, and Classic Country. With this experience he is able to bring a new groove and flavor to the existing world of Bluegrass. He is currently spending the bulk of his road time touring the world alongside Greg Blake in both Jeff Scroggins & Colorado and in the Greg Blake & Real Country.

In 2016, Nico and his father decided to put their blood harmonies to work and created the band Nomad Jones, along with Craig Korth and Miles Zurawell. They released their first album in August of 2018, which includes one of Nico’s original bluegrass songs, Wasted Time. The album was recorded live in one rigorous session of 41 takes. It can be heard and bought on Spotify and iTunes

For many years, Nico was the lead singer and bassist for his personal project Funk Velvet. In august of 2018, the group released their second and final album, Dine & Dash, and decided to put the band to rest on good terms. The album is a collection of original works that reference their favourite RnB / Soul musicians at that time.

— Recording Credits —


August 2018 / Funk Velvet - ‘Dine & Dash’ / Bass & Lead Vocals

August 2018 / Nomad Jones - ‘Pickin’ Up & Puttin’ Down’ / Bass & Lead Vocals

August 2016 / Eva Foote - ‘Funeral Walking’ / Bass

March 2016 / Funk Velvet - ‘Tasty Snacks’ / Bass & Lead Vocals

February 2015 / The Real Humdingers - ‘A Real Humdinger!’ / Bass & Lead Vocals